Colton’s Acre Trust, a Norwich-based charity, is thrilled to unveil an exciting opportunity tailored for budding screenwriters residing in Norfolk. Aptly named “Perfect Strangers,” this competition commemorates the centenary of Strangers’ Hall opening its doors as a museum, inviting aspiring writers to delve into its rich history and weave captivating narratives.

Three talented individuals will each be awarded a £1000 bursary to craft compelling short film scripts. Guided by mentors from Norwich University of the Arts’ film course, these writers will embark on a creative journey, culminating in the transformation of their scripts into films by graduating students. These cinematic gems will then be showcased in festivals worldwide, amplifying the voices of Norfolk’s emerging storytellers on a global stage.

“Perfect Strangers” is a collaborative endeavor between esteemed organizations including the National Centre for Writing, Young Norfolk Arts Trust, Norfolk Museum Service: Strangers’ Hall Museum, Colton’s Acre Trust, and Norwich University of the Arts.

Drawing inspiration from the eclectic tapestry of Strangers’ Hall, writers are encouraged to explore its myriad facets—from antique toys to sumptuous textiles—as catalysts for their imagination. While rooted in the museum’s essence, submissions need not be confined to historical narratives; contemporary tales, personal reflections, or entirely fictional accounts are equally welcome. The aim is to harness the essence of Strangers’ Hall as a springboard for creative expression, transcending temporal boundaries to craft stories that resonate with authenticity and ingenuity.

With no constraints on genre, writers are urged to balance thematic ambition with practical considerations, mindful of the limitations typically associated with short film productions. While grandiose spectacles may be enticing, simplicity often yields the most profound impact. Moreover, adherence to current COVID regulations necessitates caution regarding casting minors in film productions.

For those unable to embark on a physical journey to Strangers’ Hall, the museum’s website serves as a valuable resource, offering insights into its rich heritage and architectural marvels. Alternatively, a vivid travelogue provides a glimpse into the allure of Norwich and the historical significance of Strangers’ Hall, setting the stage for creative exploration.

As described in vivid detail, Strangers’ Hall is a veritable treasure trove of historical artifacts and architectural wonders, meticulously preserved to offer visitors a glimpse into the past. From opulent chambers adorned with exquisite furnishings to quaint corners steeped in nostalgia, each space within the museum teems with stories waiting to be unearthed.

To enter the competition, aspiring screenwriters aged 18 and above residing, working, or studying in Norfolk are invited to submit a CV, a writing sample, and a brief proposal outlining their interpretation of the “Perfect Strangers” brief. Applications should be sent via email to, with the deadline set for midnight on Sunday 2nd April.

By applying for the bursary, writers agree to the terms and conditions outlined, including the development and delivery of an original 10-minute screenplay, exclusive rights granted to the producer for film adaptation and festival promotion, and adherence to the stipulated schedule for script development and bursary disbursement.

Competition winners will be notified within three weeks of the closing date, marking the beginning of an exciting journey into the realm of cinematic storytelling, guided by the timeless allure of Strangers’ Hall and fueled by boundless creativity.